Contribute your work to EXACT

We invite new submissions to the EXACT Analytical Conduction Toolbox. Although we started with a specific team of consultants, we recognize that there are many others whose knowledge and experience could provide significant benefits to this project.

Why you should contribute

  • Display your work in a forum established the National Science Foundation.
  • Add to the success of this growing library of analytical solutions.
  • Join with established researchers in heat conduction and diffusion.
  • Receive recognition with your name and affiliation listed on the EXACT web site.

Steps to contribute

  • Check that the case that you propose is not already available on the EXACT web site.
  • Start with an exploratory submission: send one of us ( or a one-page proposal with the complete boundary value problem and the heat conduction number of your case.
  • If you receive word that your proposal is acceptable,
    • Focus your work on the mathematics and use explanatory words sparingly.
    • Include intrinsic verification (required). Previously published solutions are welcome because by adding verification your contribution will be new and uniquely yours.
    • Conform to the template for new cases posted on the EXACT web site.
    • Conform to the notation list posted on the EXACT web site.
    • Send us your work as a pdf file (Adobe Acrobat format).