Contribute your work to EXACT

We invite contributions to the EXACT Analytical Conduction Toolbox. Although we started with a specific team of consultants, we recognize that there are many others whose knowledge and experience could provide significant benefits to this project. Use of generalized boundary conditions is encouraged so that each added case can embody many combinations of boundary conditions. A list of suggested solutions that could be added is available for download.

Why you should contribute

  • Display your work in a forum established the National Science Foundation.
  • Add to the success of this growing library of analytical solutions.
  • Join with established researchers in heat conduction and diffusion.
  • Receive recognition as your name and affiliation listed will be retained on your work within EXACT.

Steps to contribute

  • White paper: send one of us ( or a one-page proposal with the complete boundary value problem and the number system designation of your case.
  • If you receive word that your proposal is acceptable,
    • Focus your work on the mathematics and use explanatory words sparingly.
    • Include intrinsic verification (required). Previously published solutions are welcome because by adding verification your contribution will be new and uniquely yours.
    • Conform to the template for new cases posted on the EXACT web site.
    • Conform to the notation list posted on the EXACT web site.
    • Send us your work as a pdf file (Adobe Acrobat format).