Exact Analytical Conduction Toolbox--Template

Title (i.e. 'infinite cylinder with a jump in boundary heat flux' )

Heat Conduction Number (i.e. R02B1T0)

  1. Schematic
  2. Nomenclature
  3. Dimensional governing equations
  4. Dimensionless variables
  5. Dimensionless governing equations
  6. Dimensionless temperature and heat flux solutions
  7. Brief demonstration of intrinsic verification
  8. *Dimensionless temperature and heat flux values for various dimensionless times and locations
    • 8.1 2D Plots
    • 8.2 3D Plots
    • 8.3 Table of numerical values
  9. References
  10. *Appendix
    • A.1 Computer program listing used to generate numbers
    • A.2 Computer program description
    • A.3 Example computer program use (i.e. input and output values)

* optional


a. Intrinsic verification using calculated numerical values is an essential part of every contribution to the EXACT web site. Intrinsic verification distinguishes this project from previous collections of solutions, and sets a new standard of practice for inspiring confidence in analytical solutions and algorithms. Verification may include one or more of the following: numerical comparisons between different expansions for the same solution; numerical comparison with a limiting case; numerical comparison with an approximate solution; numerical comparison between steady and complimentary transient portions of the solution.

b. Submissions must conform to the notation listed in the EXACT web site.