Organization of the EXACT Toolbox

The ExACT Analytical Conduction Toolbox is organized according to:
  1. Differential Equation Type (Heat, Laplace, Helmoltz)
  2. Coordinate System Type (rectangular, spherical, cylindrical)
  3. Body Shape
  4. Type of Boundary Condition
Body Shape

Within each coordinate system the body shape is determined by the location of the boundaries, with each boundary defined by a constant value of one coordinate; these are called orthogonal bodies. Several body shapes are listed below for each coordinate system:

  1. Rectangular: infinite body, semi-infinite body, infinite strip, semi-infinite strip, plate, rectangle, parallelpiped.
  2. Cylindrical: solid cylinder, hollow cylinder, finite cylinder, infinite region surrounding a circular hole, thin ring, wedge.
  3. Spherical (polar): infinite body, sphere, hollow sphere, infinite region surrounding a spherical void, spherical sector.